How to Teleconference and Webinar 

Online presenting

Stand Up & Deliver's unique online presentation programme has been honed and developed to help teams and individuals develop a distinguishable, dynamic and personal online presenting style.

About the workshop

This is Jack's "How to present online..." It’s high energy, and a lot of fun.  It can run face to face or via webinar. All the exercises are interactive. We share tools and techniques for ensuring better teleconferences and webinars, while coming up with your own “Webinar code of practice”. 

NEWS IN..... Red Whale are the winners of ON24 "Webinars That Rocked 2019" (best webinar in the world) and they were coached by Jack!

Aim of the workshop

To help improve both the content and delivery of online presentations so that you can more effectively communicate with clients and potential clients!

In the meantime, have a look at these films for some more tips and techniques. The films were made in collaboration with Cisco Webex for Virgin Media. As part of the agreement, I was allowed to share these films free of charge. They are obviously aimed at one particular company but hopefully you'll find them sprinkled with loads of great tips! Enjoy.