Oliver Hamilton

By far the best workshop I have ever attended, because the balance between learning and presenting was just right.

Oliver Hamilton / Director / Commerzbank


I can’t tell you how constructive it was. The skills learnt translate into daily life and everyday business, not just presenting.

Emma / Senior Account Manager / Grey Healthcare

Daniel Fisher

A brilliant , eye opening workshop.

Daniel Fisher / Executive Creative Director / DDB Adam & Eve

Head of H&S

I really got a huge amount from the session.... so much so, I volunteered to speak at our People Team Conference last week in front of 250 people! My performance wasn't perfect but I am more than satisfied at my first attempt at a big audience. There is no way I could have done it without your help! Will definitely be in touch some point in the future as my team would really benefit from working with you also.

Head of H&S / / Virgin Media

World Hotels

We wanted to present a new, engaging, creative angle to our company at our conference for our 300 hoteliers. Jack personified that by entertaining the audience whilst helping them understand how to better connect at the human level. A great success!

World Hotels / / World Hotels

Mac Cosmetics

We were given Jack’s expert guidance via our EL HR Partner, and we were very lucky for the referral! We needed to provide an advanced experience for a team of tenured Trainers to push their facilitation skills and co-presentation abilities. Lately, more than ever our trainers were in need to be pushed in a new direction based on the amount of training they do. With Jack, we utilised his expertise to set up a series of modules (he already had) to build on a framework of improvisation and public speaking. Jack energised the team to such an extent they are still talking about it now!

Mac Cosmetics / / Mac Cosmetics

Maurice Daw

Jack brings a refreshing and personal style to the art of public speaking. His energetic and different approach landed well with me and has made a striking difference

Maurice Daw / HR Director / Virgin Media

John Jester

I am delighted with the success of our kick-off. Comedy added such a buzz to the event. Jack Milner’s approach and dedication to making it work, ensured this was a successful event. I recommend Jack and Standup & Deliver as a brilliant team to bring something completely different to a company conference.

John Jester / / Microsoft UK after Team Building event for 230 Microsoft sales managers

Rafe Burchell

I came to the workshop thinking my presentation skills were honed and fairly good. But I learnt a vast amount of techniques and methods that will vastly improve my skills.

Rafe Burchell / Art director / DDB Remedy, Pitching Skills workshop

Holly Tweddle

I just wanted to drop you an email with the collated feedback from this morning. I am thrilled that it was such a success. Both the turnout and the feedback was fantastic, so thank you." All feedback was either "excellent" or "very good." Typical of which was: "Fantastic. More practical advice in the course than I expected.

Holly Tweddle / / IPA learning