The Power of Passion

Years ago I was working as an advisor on an ITV comedy reality show, “Stand Up Great Britain.” My job was to work with newer comics and get them up to a certain standard so they didn’t burn and die live on TV. In those days that was considered a bad thing. 

I was told I would get an hour with each comic to work on their act to get it up to a certain standard. The reality was I was given five minutes to work with each comic in a dark corridor just before they went on stage.

The first comic was understandably terrified. I asked him to go through his first line. It was all over the place. For want of anything better to say - I asked him to say his first line again but this time with passion. Suddenly a load of things worked. 

The next comic came up. Same problem. Same result. It became like a conveyor belt. “Do your first line, now do it again with passion.” 

The truth is something big happens when you present with passion. Try it now. All right if you’re reading this on the tube or plane maybe not… but if you’re alone or with consenting adults, try out a couple of lines of a speech or presentation. First do it normally then improvise the same line but this time present it with exaggerated over the top passion. What changes do you notice?

Feel the flow

When you present with increased passion you should find it much easier to come up with stuff, to have more flow.

There’s a simple reason for this. When you present with passion, your filters or qualifiers, that makes you more conscious of what you’re saying, are reduced, there is literally more flow.

This means when you speak with passion you’ll find it easier to find the right words, you’ll find it easier to speak in a conversational style, you’ll find it easier to connect with your audience and you'll look an awful lot more confident.

In the age of information overload, in order to be heard above the noise, if in doubt, do it with passion! 


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