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Virtual Presentation Mastery - coming out soon!

The following is a short excerpt from my book, "Virtual Presentation Master" - due out soon!


Adding Humour

One of the biggest failings of virtual presenters is they don’t even try to use humour. The reasoning goes something like this: “It’s too hard. I can’t tell if they’re laughing because I can’t see or hear them. Therefore, I won’t do it.” 

Result: dry, dry, dry presentations that kill the audience.

10 presentation tips I've learnt since lockdown

Jack Milner

I was having a Zoom lunch (non-messy disappears quickly!) with my wonderful mentor and friend, Andrew. I was telling him that business was going surprisingly well… Then he did what every good mentor should do (particularly when you're getting a little cocky), challenged me. “You doing all these virtual sessions, you must have learnt quite a few new things..?”

Me, “Um, um um… Oh um…”

To Erm is Human

3 More Virtual Presentation Tips!

When writing this piece, my initial intention was to lead with a story about ShezAr nailing “With a Little Help from my Friends” on The Voice and linking it across to Joe Cocker’s version and then bridging that to a presentation tip about not being too professional!

3 more tips which could massively improve your next virtual presentation!

3 simple tips which will massively improve your next virtual presentation - won't cost you a penny - and which are inspired by apiece of localised flooding!

1) Surprise them.

I was having a drink one night (pre-Corona days) with Mr Holdsworth, the head-teacher of my kids primary school. He's a modest but inspiring leader for his school. He shared a story that I believe is core to good teaching and presenting. Remembering when he was at school, he said one lesson in particular stood out.

Think like a TV presenter?

I've been lucky enough to direct a few TV stars, coached some of the country's best selling key-note & TED speakers, as well as the presenters on award winning webinars. What they have in common, is that when it comes to talking to camera, they see the lens as their friend. That might sound a bit cheesy but it's the truth. The good news is that, with almost all of us now presenting online, selling or just meeting ON CAMERA, you can do the same.

The Power of Passion

Years ago I was working as an advisor on an ITV comedy reality show, “Stand Up Great Britain.” My job was to work with newer comics and get them up to a certain standard so they didn’t burn and die live on TV. In those days that was considered a bad thing. 

Winning Back Your Audience

This is a painful story to relate. A few years ago I was one of four speakers at a conference of engineers. It happened to come at a time of huge stress. I was juggling too many balls - speaker, coach, writer, director and Dad. The night before the event I hadn’t slept properly for weeks and then I decided to join one of my fellow speakers for a few drinks which became a lot more drinks. I didn’t sleep.

Delivering Someone Else's Presentation

I was helping a government NGO get their training presentations up to a decent standard so that the learning, which was honestly of national importance (even if the nation might not agree)  was consistent, understood and acted on.

The brief? “We’d like them to be more energetic, more confident, funnier - just better.”

Unfortunately, the presentations were written by another team who had micro-managed them to death. Literally every second was accounted for. “12.41 – slide 27 – bullet point four…. “ - that sort thing.