“The most viewed TED speakers deliver on average one joke per minute in their keynote speeches. The best deliver two jokes per minute.” Jeremy Donovan

Executive Presentation Skills

Stand Up & Deliver aims to inspire business leaders and executives to become better communicators through comedy innovation. Helping them be heard above the noise.

FACT. In 2018 the 3 best selling keynote speakers in Europe had all been coached by Jack Milner. 

Today, being dull but worthy, is no longer an option. TED talks, YouTube and MTV have changed all that. We judge leaders not just by their track record but by the delivery and content of their presentation.

In the future, the best public speakers will probably look and sound like stand ups. In fact, many of the best ones already do. Leaders who communicate poorly will be left by the wayside.

We combine years of performing, directing and business experience. 

We provide you with unique, practical training that works, giving you the skills to truly engage your audience whether at a conference, in the boardroom or with your team.

This option is available one to one or for executive teams.

Executive Presentation coaching for the senior team.

Most managers and executives have some experience of presenting, however, when presenting at senior level they have to reflect the quality of your brand. This means you will want them to be not just adequate, but brilliant, inspiring, charismatic, memorable and confident.

Jack’s Executive Coaching is an opportunity for your team to work with one of the foremost presentation coaches in the country. 

Workshop options include:

  • One to one
  • How to present TED style
  • Executive impact
  • Inspirational presentations
  • Speech writing
  • Humour

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Executive Presentation Skills

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