“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou

Presentation Skills Workshop

Jack teaches professionals how to move and speak in a way that captures attention and communicates their messages to different audiences.

According to research 25-40%* of business presentations require additional work from the audience after the presentation, just to understand what it was they were listening to in the first place. 

The cost of such poor public speaking is estimated by the Swiss anti PowerPoint League, as costing the European economy €110 billion per annum. The number of PowerPoint presentations has increased on average by 15% per annum and is double the number delivered in 2006.

The good news is that the old days of endless, pointless PowerPoint led presentations are drawing to a close.

The workshop is run in a coaching style, looking at building on strengths rather than eliminating perceived weaknesses. It will be geared to making your presentation vital and alive and to putting your ideas across in a powerful, effective, entertaining and stimulating way.

Let’s be honest, anxiety is the main problem.  And this is what usually gets in the way of you and your story. So take away the fear of presenting and really connect with your audience.

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Workshop options include:

  • Influencing and persuading
  • Networking
  • Successful meetings
  • Sales
  • Conference presentations
  • Personal Impact


Issue Usual Presentation Skills Training Stand Up and Deliver
Dull presentations It's not the content it’s how you present that matters. So vary your voice and use actorly skills like wot I am demonstrating, even though I had 3 years training and you’ve had two days! Or “emotionally engage them” Content matters just as much as delivery. And there are simple solutions that anyone can master.
Structure of presentations not working Tell them, tell them what you said, tell them again Jack has a background as a writer and a top writing guru. Simple to use story techniques are far more engaging for your audience.
Body language and impact Here’s an array of 21 techniques that you have to do. And here’s some more voice exercises. You’ll have no problem doing these in the middle of a high stress boardroom presentation! Get the thinking right and the body language will follow naturally. Keep it simple!
Nerves, ums and errs and shuffling, no eye contact, monotone voice Here’s what you’re doing wrong! Now stop doing these things right now. We’ve sorted the symptoms, who cares about causes? These problems are usually nerves and not reaching out. There’s not one solution for a group but often one simple change will make all the difference for an individual.


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