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Virtual Presentation Mastery - The Book

"Virtual Presentation Mastery" - the book. Now out!  

Available in digital or paperback on Amazon

Virtual Presentation Mastery has never been more important for business success.

Jack's book reflects the reality of our new virtual world order and will give you all the latest tools and techniques for developing confident, memorable, and entertaining virtual presentations.

"Virtual Presentation Mastery" answers the key questions every online presenter asks:

  • How do insert passion, humour, gravitas, and humanity in our virtual presentations?

  • How do we keep our virtual audience fully engaged throughout our presentation when folks are watching us on a device that can take them anywhere in the world?

  • How do you keep your energy levels up when you get no response from your audience?

  • What are the key differences between virtual and in-person?

Jack’s expert guidance takes you off the Zoom treadmill, so you present with renewed enthusiasm and confidence, knowing you’re creating a truly engaging stand-out presentation every time.