Workshops that will inspire you, have lasting impact and are more fun than is reasonable to expect on any training course!


Presentation Skills and Communication Skills sessions that are tailored for you.

More than anything the coaching has to work and improve your business.

How do we ensure this happens?

One. Putting a lot of our time into finding out what you need -

and then design something that exceeds your expectations and also happens to be enormous fun. We discover what motivates you, what your strengths are and the factors that may be holding you back from being more successful.

Two. It’s bespoke for your needs.

What made Jack’s work with comedians so unique was he understood that to be successful they had to celebrate what made them different – this meant personalised coaching for each person.

Three. Finally - you want long-term lasting impact for your organisation.

Will they really carry through the coaching in the stress of work? When you look back in a year’s time, will the lessons have stayed learnt and will they give you an advantage over the competition?

Jack changes the way that people communicate – the solution is natural, permanent and its easy to replicate in the work and home environment. 

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Comedy Team Building

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