3 more tips which could massively improve your next virtual presentation!

3 simple tips which will massively improve your next virtual presentation - won't cost you a penny - and which are inspired by apiece of localised flooding!

1) Surprise them.

I was having a drink one night (pre-Corona days) with Mr Holdsworth, the head-teacher of my kids primary school. He's a modest but inspiring leader for his school. He shared a story that I believe is core to good teaching and presenting. Remembering when he was at school, he said one lesson in particular stood out.

"Ourteachercame into class one day with a bucket of water and said, 'Right children, today we're going to learn about displacement.'He then chucked this huge bucket ofwater over the floor. The children were screaming with laughter, pandemonium - water everywhere. But you know what, I've never forgotten that class; it'shonestly one of the reasons why I got into physics and maths.And now I challenge the teachers at our school to come in every week with a'bucket of water'idea. They have to do one thing during the week that reallysurprises the children, that grabs them. I don't care if it goes wrong, they've got to try."

And if you want to keep your virtual audience listening, to make your online presentation be heard above the noise of a million others and be remembered, then you need to find your'bucket of water'moment. If your audience can already guess at the beginning of your presentation what it's going to look like 30 minutes later then chances are you've already lost them.

And you should be looking to surprise your audience every 5 minutes.

Try any of these.

  • Use a prop - although maybe not a literal bucket of water (electricity and liquid are not great bed-fellows)
  • Something big and interactive
  • A story
  • Use your platform's interactive tools - but in a surprising way
  • Every few minuteschange your distance from the lens
  • Add another speaker to the call
  • A surprising visual
  • Make them laugh!

Two more tips... cos I said it would be three!

2)Be interactive.

Imagine yourself meeting some friends for a drink in a pub (it will happen one day!). You’ve got a great story you want to share with them. Now if you know them incredibly well and they’re very forgiving, then you might launch into your story straight away. But chances are, you’d first check in with them. Ask them how they are. A bit of banter, a laugh…?Then you might offer to buy them a drink…. Then you’d tell them your story. Now how long do you think they’d listen to that story without interrupting? 2-3 minutes… ? So unless it's a webinar, 5 minutes is the absolute maximum you should talk before you get them to do something. Use chat, polling, call out names, get people to do something, breakout rooms, ask questions but make it interactive.

3)Keep it simple.

Be succinct and clear. One of the advantages of the free to download Zoom is that it limits you to 40 minutes per presentation. Some businesses have asked if they could pay for this feature. Don’t waffle, burble or bumble. Be clear, keep it shortand say it with confidence!

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