Master the shift from face-to-face to live, digital presenting 

Mastering Virtual Presentations

Jack's virtual presentation skills sessions are about moving you from flat 2D online presenting to a 3D version of you, with the aim being to not just engage your audience, but captivate them.

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Call it what you like - online presenting, digital presentation skills, virtual presentation mastery - Jack's virtual presentation skills workshops are about ensuring your communication has maximum impact, and that your audience are truly engaged by your story.

Post Covid, for most businesses Jack works with, the majority of meetings, presentations and pitches are now online. The ability to connect emotionally, memorably and dynamically has never been more important. 

Award winning* online presentation coach, Jack Milner's "Mastering Virtual Presenting," is a series of interventions to transform your team’s confidence and skills in communicating virtually.  Jack's sessions inspire dynamic, human and entertaining virtual communications. 

What you will take away

practical tools, techniques and behaviours to ensure your online communications are listened to and acted on. Giving you…

  • Increased confidence in using the technology
  • Authentic leaders who know how to confidently engage and inspire teams online
  • Amazing online presentations that stand out from your competitors
  • Incredible tools (like Jack’s 10 kapows) to win more business via your virtual presentations

How it works

Firstly, all Jack’s coaching is fun, and very interactive (lots of breakouts). He uses tools and techniques from the worlds of TV, radio, vlogs, podcasts and webinars, that are relevant and easily transferrable to enhance all your virtual communication. 

We offer customised individual coaching sessions as well as Group and Team sessions.

*Jack last year coached Red Whale, the winning team for Webinars That Rock 2019 – which essentially is the Oscars of webinars. The award was for best webinar in the world as judged by ON24.  

"Delivered the EFI SARS webinar to 140 people today. I felt much better prepared and confident after just one session of your training Jack... its been a massive help and has made a big difference to me." Jayne Newton, Director Regulatory Expertise, EFI

Mastering Virtual Presenting and Communications - Workshops & Programmes

Put your virtual presentations ahead of the competition and book yourself onto our “Mastering Virtual Presenting Programme!”

What you will take away from the 3 step programme!

  • Jack’s 10 kapows to win more business via your virtual presentations
  • Increased confidence to present online
  • Practical tools and techniques used by top TV presenters to confidently engage and inspire teams and clients online

“Mastering Virtual Presenting” 3-step programme

  1. Making it Engaging – getting started, understanding the tools, making it interactive
  2. How to Present Like a TV star – presenting to camera: voice, body language, confidence
  3. How to be Heard Above the Noise – 10 Kapows to grab your audience, your personal action plan

For ten people, the 3 Step Programme has three levels:

  • Gold standard = includes support materials
  • Platinum = includes support materials and virtual support for all delegates between each stage
  • Diamond = includes support materials, virtual support for all delegates between stages and one 30 minutes 1-2-1 coaching 

A “does the job” online workshop

How to keep your audience engaged online – both with camera and without.

Build your team’s confidence in presenting virtually to inspire more dynamic, natural, clear and memorable virtual presentations. 

Aim of the workshop

To improve the delivery and content of virtual presentations so that your leaders and managers can more effectively present via camera and teleconference.* 

What you will take away from the workshop

  • Preparing your presentation and your team
  • Voice and body language impact
  • The 10 kapows - tools to keep your audience engaged
  • Do’s and don’ts of presenting to camera and teleconference
  • Virtual presentation structure
  • Dealing with objections

Jack coached the winning presenters for ON24 “Webinars that Rock” 2019. We would love to help you create and present your own industry leading webinars and online events.

How we can help you generate industry leading webinars

  • Coaching confident, natural TV presenter style performances from your presenters
  • Ideas for webinar format: TV magazine, interview, filmed inserts, comedy, documentary, straight to camera
  • Low cost hi-value technology: green screen, filmed inserts, multi camera
  • Recommend latest webinar platforms
  • Ensuring your webinars are entertaining, insightful and reflect your organisation at it’s most creative and dynamic

Jack shares the secret and not so secret tools and techniques used by the world’s top 0.1% of virtual presenters.

Aim of the workshop

To move your virtual presentations up to the next level and give them the skills and confidence to inspire the hearts and mind of colleagues, teams and customers

Who's it for?

This is for anyone who’s an experienced/confident virtual presenter or has already attending “Mastering Your Virtual Presentations”

What attendees will take away!

  • Find the “super value” in your presentation that will ensure it grabs any audience
  • Top presenters know how to make an audience laugh – even if they can’t hear or see you! Jack shows you 7 safe tools that will guarantee you laughs without the whole thing blowing up in your face!
  • Latest platforms that you can combine with MS Teams
  • Learn the “4 presenter styles” used by top virtual presenters: “Narrator”, “TV presenter,” “The interviewee” and “Host.”
  • How to land complex information
  • How to stand out from other top presenters
  • Ideas for great bits of inexpensive kit to enhance your home studio


Through restrictions to protect us from Covid, the events and conference industry has collapsed. 90% of the few paid virtual speaking gigs are being won by an elite 1% of speakers (around 45 people). Jack Milner has coached the top 1% of that 1%

In our new world where leaders and team members are increasingly required to work remotely and cannot have face-to-face conversations, meetings or presentations - effective remote teamworking is more important than ever.

Aim of the workshop

To help your remote teams work more effectively and collaboratively going forward, using the four pillars of remote working: Communication, Visibility, Wellness and Goals.

Style of coaching

Fun, very interactive (lots of breakouts), relevant and to the point.

Content of the Workshop includes:

  • What makes successful remote working?
  • Environment. Have you got the right space for effective remote working?
  • Wellness. Ensuring we’re in a good mental place for effective remote teamworking
  • Goals. Using the ‘Kanban’* system. Goals, projects, hierarchies, visibility
  • Communication. Building transparency and trust into your communication. Also digital conversation tools (e.g. Slack*)
  • Visibility. Can we clearly see the goals and projects of team members? Also digital tools like Trello