Bringing the skills of Stand-Up Comedians to Speaking

“The most viewed TED speakers deliver on average one joke per minute in their keynote speeches. The best deliver two jokes per minute.” Jeremey Donovan, ‘How to Deliver a TED talk’

A great speaker does not need to be famous (although it helps), they do not need to have conquered Everest in a kayak while singing the entire score of Sound of Music (but again it will help), however, more than anything their speech needs:

  • To entertain and amuse – a bit like a stand-up

  •  To be delivered authentically with panache, charm, clarity and energy – yep, a bit like a stand-up

  • To provide insight which is relevant, and you won’t get from anyone else – that’s the bit you do

“The best speakers in the world are stand-ups, or at least the ones people spend good money to go and hear speak. What I do is take the skills of a stand-up and make those applicable to business speakers.” Jack Milner

This masterclass has been tailored specifically for speakers who want to excite clients, have their agent eager to find them more bookings, change the lives of their audiences and entertain.

Jack Milner will share the techniques used by the world’s leading stand-ups, giving you the tools to transform your speech making it more engaging, funnier and inspiring.

What you will take away:

  • A speech that will already be significantly improved as a result of attending this masterclass

  • 10 writing tools and performance techniques from stand-up that will ensure that your future speeches keep your audiences engaged

  • A personal plan on how you can continue to improve and hone your speech

  • Personal coaching on your delivery and content

  • A clear idea of what you need to do and how you will implement the changes to take your speech to the next level with the confidence and delivery of a stand-up comedian.

“Jack Milner has brought his techniques from the world of stand-up comedy to business communication. In fact, he has coached our most booked speaker to be the hugely successful performer he is today.”Maria Franzoni

Comedy writer, comedy director, speaker and facilitator, Jack Milner is a leading speaking and stand up coaches. He is a preferred speaking coach for London Speaker bureau and Maria Franzoni Limited. He has coached many of the world’s leading speakers (yes a few of those are now the most booked speakers with the London Speaker Bureau), politicians, TED speakers and business leaders from some of the world’s 10 largest companies. His latest creation, co-written with Mark Stevenson, the farce “Octopus Soup” tours nationally and then internationally from February 2019.

DATE: WEDNESDAY 23RD JANUARY 2019 (09:30-13:15)


To book go to:  Price: GBP 195 plus VAT


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