To Erm is Human

3 More Virtual Presentation Tips!

When writing this piece, my initial intention was to lead with a story about ShezAr nailing “With a Little Help from my Friends” on The Voice and linking it across to Joe Cocker’s version and then bridging that to a presentation tip about not being too professional!

Then as you do, I checked out Mr Coker on Youtube. Two minutes into his video I was gone - eyes welling up, lump in throat, goosebumps…. So even if you don’t read on, check out the incredible Joe Cocker, all imperfect arms a-twitching, body contorted and that voice… I mean what is he singing in the last 30 seconds? And does anyone care? Amazing.

Anyway, and this is so important, you really can be too professional when presenting. “To  erm (occasionally) is human” – and human is what we need in virtual presenting.  

By being too professional, I don’t mean drone on for an hour without any intonation as you force your audience to watch slide after slide of text. Do rehearse, do plan and structure the content. However, allow you to shine through.

3 tips that will allow YOU to shine through!

1)    Do not read out your presentation. I promise you it will sound awful. Put it in your own words and make it a conversation.

2)    Be spontaneous. When and where are you at your most spontaneous and natural? Chances are it’s with friends, family, kids…  rather than with Brian from accounts (no offence Brian). Try and put a bit more of your “friends, family, kids….”  persona into your next virtual presentation.

3)    You don’t have to be perfect.  When presenting or running training online – things will go wrong. Obviously you don’t want your presentation to be an error fest of appalling incompetence and bloopers but to err or erm occasionally is human so embrace the odd failing. Chances are that it’s in these moments when we will see the real you – your heart, humanity, humour and a bit of your Joe Cocker soul.  And that will sell your message better than anything.


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