Think like a TV presenter?

I've been lucky enough to direct a few TV stars, coached some of the country's best selling key-note & TED speakers, as well as the presenters on award winning webinars. What they have in common, is that when it comes to talking to camera, they see the lens as their friend. That might sound a bit cheesy but it's the truth. The good news is that, with almost all of us now presenting online, selling or just meeting ON CAMERA, you can do the same.

So here are three simple tips that will instantly make a huge difference to your virtual presentations.

1) Love the camera. One little tip is to attach a photo of someone who you feel at ease with just above the camera. Someone who gets you - who you feel totally at ease with and in who's company you are most yourself. Now talk to the camera as though its that person. If you make eye contact with the participants- although to you it makes sense - to them it feels like you are looking beneath their eyes. If you focus on camera to your audience it will feel like you are making real eye contact.

2) More passion. Presenting to camera requires more energy than talking to a face to face audience. Don’t bore them – perform it.

3) Be you. Be human. You are Ashley, head of accounts, presenting on camera from your dining room to Sonia, Rick, Ahmed and Vanya. You are not Captain Charisma with your own talk show. Its ok to say, “I’m moving on to the next slide.” Or “Did everyone get that?" Or “Shall we stop for a coffee – I think we’re in need of a break.” In fact give yourself a break. It’s really hard to present on camera with no script, no production team and not a lot of experience. Be natural, be conversational and really listen to your audience... and if you're doing all that, you'll be on your way to presenting like a TV Star.

And I'll be sharing 3 more tips next week!

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